The incinerator is designed for burning oil-contaminated soils, oily waste, used oils.
The equipment is by Licensed by the European certificate of conformity.

  • Main chamber volume (m3)32
  • Load (kg)up to 5000
  • Gases afterburn chamber (m3)15
  • Burn rate (kg/h)up to 5000
  • Charge door (LxWxH)Calculated
  • Fuel typeDiesel/Gas/Fuel oil/Waste oil
Disposed materials:
  • Mining wastes
  • Drilling slurry
  • Solid household wastes (including most of rubber and plastic items)
  • Oil sludge
  • Oil contaminated soil
  • Pipeline and vessel cleaning wastes
  • Sewage and utility cleaning wastes
  • Logging and fishing wastes
  • Textile, food, and printing industry wastes
  • Certain types of chemical industry wastes
  • Construction and repair wastes
  • Medical and biological wastes
  • Wooden sleepers

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