VOLKAN® series

Capacity from 50 to 150 Kg/h

Incinerators VOLKAN series are designed for high temperature thermal destruction and neutralization of medical and biological wastes.

All incinerators have State Environmental Expertise certification for 1300 types of wastes.

They are suitable for incineration of:

  • Whole animal carcasses or parts thereof.
  • Wastes of animal breeding, poultry breeding, and slaughter houses, including blood and bones.
  • Solid household wastes (excluding certain types of plastics)
  • Medical and surgery wastes, jet-gun tests, and pharmaceutical industry wastes (including, but not limited to medicines in the form of tablets, liquids, powders, and so on).
  • Wastes of agricultural activity
  • Wastes of woodworking industry and many others.

Advantages of VOLKAN series incinerators:

  • The equipment does not require installation on site. It is supplied pre-assembled.
  • Biological safety, because the wastes can be disposed at the site of their generation
  • Low prime costs of disposal due to the double layer lining capable of hear retaining inside the combustion chamber
  • Easy operation
  • Automated combustion process

The VOLKAN series incinerators can be supplied both in stationary and mobile versions. They are reliable, made of high quality materials, and available in a wide range of loading capacity from 0.26 m3 to 4.4 m3 and burn rate from 50 kg/h to 150 kg/h.

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