For more that 10 years Eco-Spectrum Company has developed and manufactured Hi-Tech equipment for disposal of more than 1300 types of various wastes. More than 500 units of equipment have been supplied and successfully operated all over the world.

Our equipment has passed all necessary tests and we have obtained the European certificate of conformity, which fact proves recognition on the part of European engineers and specialists.

Considering the annually growing waste management market, we invite partners for cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions.

On our part you will have:

  • Full technical support for the equipment (if necessary, we will arrange training in our premises).
  • A full package of marketing materials
  • High sale fee and transparent cooperation
  • Professional support of our engineers on technical issues
  • As the developer and manufacturer, we will ensure competitive ability of our equipment.

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    make technical calculations for the equipment, and prepare an individual commercial offer.