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Eco-Spectrum is the Leader of Industry 2017!

For the second time Eco-Spectrum Company becomes the leader of the industry in Russia among waste disposal equipment manufacturers. Previously our Company gained such title in 2015! The next is 2018.

Our Company advances and develops from year to year not only in the financial aspect (after all, it is the consequence of our operation), but we also develop as professionals in our business.

80% of the personnel of our company are engineers of various disciplines — this is the principal difference from our competitors. Regular tests and keeping contacts with our current customers enable us to get data on the incineration process of this or that type of wastes, the maximum temperature levels of incinerators, and other parameters, based on which we make technical improvements and adapt our incinerators to a certain type of wastes.

Every day our engineering and design department makes corrections and adjustments to the design features of our products, starting from the geometry of the main chamber lid to make it highly resistant to heating and to exclude its deformation during long operation, and up to combination of the incinerator with the gas treatment system in order to comply with all environmental safety requirements.

We pay special attention to servicing and maintenance of our incinerators. This aspect is rigorously controlled by our technical support department able to eliminate any faults in a short time through remote access and, if necessary, to provide within 24 hours the necessary spare parts, tools and accessories (SPTA kit) to replace the faulty parts of the incinerator. Our mission is to ensure effective operation of the equipment by the Customer, and availability of all SPTA items in stock and quick feedback from the customer ensure a high level of the provided service support.

Anyway, we realize that every idle day of the incinerator due to technical failures will cause financial losses to our customer, and we cannot afford being indifferent towards our customers. We are always ready to help you, if any issues arise.

You can get advice by calling 8-800-5555-912.

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