Rotary incinerators

Capacity from 400 to 5000 Kg/h

Rotary incinerators (thermal destruction units) are designated for thermal disposal of oil sludge with hight content oil contaminated soils, drilling slurry, and oil contaminated wastes generated in the event of    accidental spills of crude oil and petroleum products, wastes from landfill sites, and other bulk and paste-type wastes.

Such units can be mounted in standard  20’ or 40’ sea containers and can be moved from one work site to another to be started again within 24 hours.

Area of application: oil refining and oil production industry, solid household (municipal) waste landfills, hazardous waste landfills, industrial facilities, oil & gas sector facilities, sea and river ports, and industrial areas. The service life of HURIKAN series units is 5 years. 

The units are permitted to treat more than 1300 types of wastes of III, IV and V class of hazard with a sanitary protection zone of 500 meters and less.

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