Heat recovery

Heat recovery in the process of waste incineration.

Eco-Spectrum Company continuously improves its products. For the time being we are focused on the issue of heat recovery in order to utilize the heat generated by our incinerators.

Together with our partners we perform a series of tests and modification in this regard. It should be noted that this is a promising direction. In future it will help us to implement projects of heat supply to individual rooms and residential blocks.

Heat recovery is one of the most efficient aspects of wastes disposal. Hundreds of tons of wastes now considered to be “a dead weight” can be used for benefit.

The possibility of using the wastes of production sites, farms, and other industrial facilities for the purpose of heat supply to workshops, rooms and greenhouses is a highly beneficial and prospective direction.
It enables the Company to develop intensively, not extensively! It substantially saves on energy sources and solves the problem of waste disposal.

One should realize that behind all these “rosy outlooks” at the prospectives of such heat recovery and benefits is a good deal of work! Eco-Spectrum Company continuously works in this direction. Day after day we proceed in this direction owing to our own engineering staff.

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