HURIKAN 1000 in the Subarctic region!

HURIKAN 1000 in the Subarctic region!

The HURIKAN 1000 incinerator is the most efficient equipment produced by our Company, not to mention HURIKAN 3000, which is manufactured without the afterburner, thus allowing for a burn rate of 3000 kg/h, but this machine is not suitable for all.

It is notable, that this HURIKAN 1000 incinerator will be supplied to the Subarctic region. The equipment will be used for elimination of old household waste dumps. Our products and our engineers are challenged by operation in severe conditions of this region with a short summer and a long winter with temperature dropping to –60°С.

Our engineers will contact the continent within certain intervals and get feedback to be able to properly coordinate the operators’ work and to obtain the data and parameters that will be helpful for their continuous work on improvement of our equipment.

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