Results of 2017!

The past year was marked by the expansion of the regions of supply of our equipment. For the year of 2017, more than 100 supplies of units of our equipment were carried out. During the year we managed to conduct a number of important tests and as a result of the modernization of the incinerators.

Among them, the improvement of the construction of the grate on the HURIKAN series, this allows to increase the load on the grate zone, which in turn leads to an increase in the service life.

Marking of parts for self-assembly. The marking of installation places on the incinerator allows to install the attachments correctly and in accordance with the technical documentation.

This simplifies the work of the operator, and also in the case of self-assembly simplifies the work of the operator of the customer and saves installation time.

Concrete lining of combustion chamber adapters and gas afterburners. Lining of the adapter on the combustion chamber and the afterburning chamber of the concrete with a layer of insulating ceramic fiber

allows to avoid overheating and physical destruction of the lining, since it is in the adapters that the highest gas flow rate, which correspondingly leads to a sharp increase in temperature during operation.

Reinforced roller cover sliding mechanism. The design of the roller mechanism is strengthened in order to avoid deformation of the cover body and prolongation of its service life.

Isolation of internal joints of moving parts. The use of insulating cords at the joints of moving parts to prevent leakage and leakage of liquids due to tight closing.

Electrical grounding. Establishment of grounding on the body of the incinerator to ensure electrical safety with the appropriate marking in accordance with the technical requirements of GOST.

Manufacture of loading ladles is realized.

Automatic waste loading. Automatic opening of the lid. OOO Eko-Spectrum has developed self-contained bucket loaders for the HURIKAN series.

Loading waste and opening the cover occurs in auto mode, control is possible both from the control panel and from the remote control panel.

The front version of the bucket is replaced with a front one. Due to this change, the height of the fall of the waste decreases, which extends the life of the grate.

We have introduced removable buckets to minimize personnel contact with waste. Replaceable buckets are quickly removed and put on forks.

The system of automation and control of the combustion process. OOO Eco-Spectrum has developed a system of automation and control for incinerators of the VOLKAN & HURIKAN series.

We have introduced an accounting system that allows the customer to track the operating time of the incinerator with the current temperatures. Remote control of the incinerator operation is possible using the GSM module.

At the end of 2017 our company implemented a fundamentally new project. Models of incinerators HURIKAN 400, HURIKAN 5000 drum type, are unique solutions for oil sludge disposal problems.

These models withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees, a lining layer made of special refractory concrete, special ribs for tearing the waste. Rotation of the incinerator makes it possible to efficiently burn the free flow of heat and heat, without overheating.

Gradual supply of waste provides controlled combustion. These models are excellent for neutralizing soils contaminated with oil.

Screw feed systems were developed and introduced. This system allows you to load the waste without opening the lid, keeping the airtightness of the load.

Over the past year, progress has been made in the field of gas treatment plants and heat recovery. Our company, together with partners, is working to improve the incinerators with gas cleaning.

The company "Eco-Spectrum", tries to take part in all significant events dedicated to recycling, recycling. The past year did not become a phenomenon.

During the international exhibition WASMA2017, contracts were signed for the production of equipment for the utilization of such wastes as: biological, SDW / TCO, medical wastes.

It should be noted that our company became the leader of the industry in 2017, which in turn obliges us to work even harder to improve our equipment and technology.

Our company made a presentation at the Irkutsk forum dedicated to the protection and clean-up of Lake Baikal.

At the end of 2017, our company received the European quality certificate. European experts being in our production and conducting tests, confirmed that the products manufactured by our company are fully consistent

European quality standards.

The positive trend of the past year is that every year the number of people interested in recycling, processing, neutralizing the waste of people is increasing.

Speaking more globally, this trend is positive in the sense that the once unknown and dying industry in Russia,

as utilization and recycling of waste becomes in demand, which gives growth and development to domestic technologies and makes an unconditional benefit to the country's ecology.

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